Hsing-Pang Hsieh


Dr. Hsing-Pang Hsieh’s lab specializes in drug discovery and developing on novel anticancer drugs “From Bench to Bedside”. He has published 125 scientific journals including 29 papers published in J. Med. Chem., top-one in the field of medicinal chemistry, and obtained 63 composition patents granted worldwide. More importantly, I invented three clinical candidates:(A) DBPR104, which was licensed to SynCore Bio, was completed Phase II clinical trial in Taiwan. (B) DBPR112, which was licensed to AnBogen Therapeutics, was approved for IND by US FDA and TFDA on April 8 and August 23, 2016 and is undergoing Phase I clinical trial in Taiwan since July 2017; (C) DBPR114 was approved for IND by US FDA on July 20, 2017. Dr. Hsing-Pang Hsieh co-founder and SAB member of Anbogen Therapeutics. He is the deputy director of Biomedical Translation Research Center (BioTReC)/ National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) in Taiwan. He is the inventor of sixty-two chemical composition patents and three of drug candidates enter clinical trials during his tenure at National Health Research Institutes.